The WORK LITE handlamps are ultra lightweight and compact work lights with integrated SMART CLIP system for universal application at a very competitive price

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

// Rechargeable, pocket-sized hand lamps

// Ultra lightweight for maximum working comfort

// Slim, compact design

// Patented multi-functional SMART CLIP 4-in-1 system

Designed to do the job
Whether the task involves being detail oriented or looking at the overall picture, SCANGRIP LITE has got what it takes. Every need for lighting will be met, both in the industry, in the workshop or professionals requiring efficient work light not to mention the passionate amateur enjoying his hobby or anyone in between. What you get is excellent value for money. Still pure SCANGRIP.

No-nonsense work lights
The design of the SCANGRIP LITE product line is streamlined, functional and user-friendly. All unnecessary features are omitted for the benefit of precise and handy operation providing good quality work lights. The intuitive ready-to-use work light solutions ensure success right from the start.

Patented SMART CLIP concept
The WORK LITEs are designed for the professional user who demands functional, practical and user-friendly work lights. The SMART CLIP 4-in-1 system (see video below) integrates several multi-functions in the same unit. The clip is designed to fit the work belt and carry the lamp, available and at hand when needed for an inspection job.

Flexible positioning of the work light when both hands are needed can be obtained by the strong built-in magnet or by the retractable, turnable hook. Furthermore, the SMART CLIP can be used as a stand on any available surface.

Ultra lightweight for maximum working comfort 
The new WORK LITE hand lamps are technically designed to weigh as little as possible in order to provide maximum working comfort. Due to the very low weight it will be comfortable to hold the lamp in your hand for inspection tasks even for a longer period of time. The slim, compact design with round shapes and no sharp edges also makes it comfortable to carry the work light in the pocket a full working day.