UNIFORM - Extremely durable work lights

Upgraded to highest possible performance, SCANGRIP is introducing improved versions of the entire UNIFORM work light series. The COB LED strip lights provide a unique, powerful and completely uniform illumination which is ideal for all demanding work operations. The entire series has also been upgraded to IP65.


Pencil work light providing up to 150 lumen with top flashlight.


Pocket-sized work light providing up to 200 lumen with top flashlight.


Work light providing up to 500 lumen with top flashlight .


Work light providing up to 250 lumen with UV-top light (400nm).


Sturdy work light with 5 m cable providing 750 lumen.

// Rechargeable COB LED work light series

// Completely uniform and powerful illumination

// Extremely durable and sturdy

// Waterproof, IP65

// Rechargeable with USB cable

Multifunctional and powerful work lights
Taking advantage of the newest COB LED technology, the UNIFORM family provides powerful and completely uniform illumination ideal for work light operations. The UNIFORM work lights are extremely durable as they are waterproof (IP65) and designed for efficient workshop use.

Handy and compact design
The handy size and shape of the lamps provide a comfortable, ergonomic grip, convenient to carry around in the pocket and always at hand where needed! With the turnable sturdy hook, which is also designed to fit the work belt, or the strong built-in magnet, you can place the lamp everywhere you want during inspection work. The lamp head is flexible and tilts up to 180 degrees.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop


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