Ultra slim work lights on the market

The SCANGRIP SLIM light series provides a true three-in-one, flexible and multifunctional work light for all kinds of application areas.


Ultra-slim 3-in-1 inspection lamp with spotlight providing up to 200 lumen.


Ultra-thin 3-in-1 inspection lamp with spotlight providing up to 500 lumen.

// 3-in-1: inspection light, work light and flashlight in one lamp

// Extremely powerful illumination up to 500 lumen with a powerful flashlight function

// Ultra-slim and compact design

// Strong built-in magnet and hook for flexible positioning

// Choose between 2 light settings (50% or 100%) for maximized operating time

// Rechargeable up to 6h operation time

Ultra-slim light for inspection
The ultra-thin, compact design only ø9 mm allows inspection in even the most inaccessible and narrow work areas. This makes the SLIM lights ideal for very demanding and difficult inspection jobs.

Work light in pocketsize
The 2 new SLIM lights are designed with a 100% foldable body. When fully folded the lamp can be used as a traditional handheld work light. In folded position, the SLIM is reduced to pocketsize - compact and portable to take with you everywhere.

Flashlight function
The powerful 100 lumen spot light of the SLIM lights provides you with a flashlight function. As a unique feature, never seen before, SLIM can be used as flashlight when the lamp is folded, providing a powerful flashlight with a handy, firm grip.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop



Rechargeable work light with top light providing up to 200 lumen.


Rechargeable work light with top light providing up to 400 lumen.

// Powerful work light with top light function

// The main light offers two light settings with up to 200/400 lumen respectively

// Ultra lightweight for maximum working comfort

// Slim and compact design prepared for the pocket

// Strong built-in magnets for handsfree use

Universal handlamps in slim design
STICK LITE is ideal for those who value good, compact design combined with uncomplicated functionality. Regardless if it is for everyday use or a tough job, STICK LITEs deliver what they promise: optimal brightness and handy design to a fair price.

Handy work lights with fundamental features
STICK LITEs are rechargeable, powerful work lights with torch light function enabling convenient and precise work. STICK LITEs are recommended for everyone who need universal, sturdy and handheld work lights. The practical built-in magnets allow you to benefit from the bright light of the STICK LITEs and still having both hands free for work.

Ultra lightweight and compact design
The ultra-thin and compact design with round shapes makes STICK LITE comfortable to carry in the pocket ready at hand for the daily inspection tasks. The slim designed work lights are also optimized in weight to provide maximum working comfort.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop



Work light with cable providing 400 lumen.

Bright inspection work light
STAR LITE is the universal, sturdy work light everyone must have as part of the basic equipment of the workshop. It is designed for efficient workshop use and provides an ergonomic and user-friendly design. The 9 LEDs ensure super bright illumination of the work area. STAR LITE is fitted with a turnable hook for easy suspension of the lamp.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop


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