360° high performance LED work light.


360° work light with 5 m cable and power outlet providing 6.000 lumen.

// A must-have universal light for any working site

// Illuminates the entire room and working area

// Powerful, diffused, non-blinding illumination

// Durable housing made of highly shock-resistant plastic material

Illuminating the entire working area
The AREA LITE CO is a real basic flood light especially designed to illuminate the entire room 360° around. The floodlight provides a diffused and pleasant, non-blinding, and uniform work light with large dispersion. These features are ideal for the demanding craftsman who requires powerful and efficient illumination of not only larger surfaces but the entire room carrying out any kind of repair, paint or construction work.

Powerful 360° work light
AREA LITE CO is very powerful providing 6.000 lumen which is more than double light output compared to similar lamps on the market. The AREA LITE CO is extremely sturdy and durable and withstands being dropped.

Flexible positioning
The AREA LITE flood light can be positioned directly on the workbench or hang in the sturdy hook from any mounting option available. SCANGRIP mounting stands offer completely flexible lighting solutions; the lamp can be mounted directly onto the TRIPOD without any time spent on fastening obtaining a height of up to 3 m. If you need a mobile light that can be moved quickly from place to place the lamp can be mounted directly on the WHEELSTAND.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop


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