Featuring two built-in floodlights, TOWER LITE CAS is ideal for the professional user who requires powerful and efficient illumination on the worksite. 


5000 lumen floodlight with integrated tripod for CAS battery system

// Integrated tripod with two built-in floodlights providing up to 5000 lumen

// Compatible with METABO/CAS battery system 18V

// Long operation time, up to 4 hours at 5000 lumen with METABO/CAS 18V 10.0 Ah battery

// 360° flexible and turnable floodlights

// Compact and easy to carry around when folded

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

High flexibility
Featuring 360° flexible and turnable floodlights, the lights can be positioned in any direction to obtain the desired lighting angle, providing perfect lighting condition for painting and installation work. It is extendable up to 2 meters and features 2 level light output (50-100%) which makes it possible to adjust the light according to the work task.

TOWER LITE CAS is compatible with METABO/CAS battery system 18V or you can choose SCANGRIP POWER SUPPLY (link) for permanent power supply.

Slim design and lightweight
TOWER LITE CAS is the ideal mobile work light. Featuring a QUICK-FOLD system it is fast to set up the tripod in only a few seconds and fold again when the job is done. In folded position the TOWER LITE CAS is compact and designed for one-hand transport with the integrated carrying handle. The sturdy, slim design, and low weight of only 5.2 kg makes the TOWER LITE CAS tailored to bring around in the back of the car and convenient to carry around from one worksite to the other.


Download brochure with the SCANGRIP LITE work light range