SMART CONNECTOR for each power tool brand

Just connect by adding the SMART CONNECTOR matching your 18V battery pack
to our innovative range of CONNECT lighting solution.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop


// SMART CONNECTORS are compatible with 18V battery packs from all leading power tool brands


Are you a fan of a particular power tool brand?

SCANGRIP has developed a unique CONNECTOR for each individual power tool brand that fits 18V battery packs. Simply mount the CONNECTOR to the work light, attach your battery and you are ready to work. All SCANGRIP CONNECTORS are sold separatly and have different part numbers depending on the power tool brand.


The BATTERY SAFETY SYSTEM protects the battery pack and makes it safe to use. The safety system features an automatic discharge protection, overload protection and temperature surveillance which means you can use your 18V battery pack again and again without it being damaged.

Maximal freedom

The SCANGRIP CONNECT range is compatible with METABO/CAS battery system and all other 18V battery packs from leading power tool brands. As something unique, we also offer a POWER SUPPLY CONNECT which can be used for direct power providing unlimited availability to light. With stands and suspension available, the work lights can be placed anywhere you need efficient lighting offering complete flexibility at the worksite.