Unlimited access to light

We are proud to present a complete range of outstanding and one-of-a-kind work lights compatible with all 18 V/20 V battery packs.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

//  Compatible with 18 V/20 V battery packs from all leading power tool brands worldwide

// Smart connector with BATTERY SAFETY SYSTEM

// Extremely powerful illumination and high durability

Fits the professional users needs

The new SCANGRIP CONNECT range is equipped with the newest COB LED technology, an extremely flexible design and a lot of functions that makes the work lights versatile and durable for the demanding professional user. 

The hybrid and innovative work lights have a long operation time which enables you to work for many hours without worrying about changing the battery or running out of power. Features like the built-in dimmer function and BLUETOOTH light control enable you to easily adjust the light output according to the work task, and the innovative design of the work lights provide high flexibility and many different applications. No matter how small or big the task is, we offer a work light that fits any professional’s need.

Convert to a corded model

As a unique option, we offer POWER SUPPLY CONNECT, which can be connected directly to all SCANGRIP CONNECT work lights, so that you get unlimited access to light.

Additional accessories can be purchased

By using accesories such as SCANGRIP TRIPOD, SCAFFOLDING BRACKET and MAG BRACKET, the work lights can be placed wherever you need effective light with unlimited flexibility in the workplace. The SCANGRIP DIFFUSER accessory can be used for NOVA 4 CONNECT and NOVA 10 CONNECT and it significantly increases the functionality of the work lights, as it softens and diffuses the light and thereby avoids harsh shadows.