Upgraded Site Lights

Taking advantage of the latest LED technology, the two powerful SITE LIGHTS have been improved significantly and now offer 33% more light!
Upgraded Site Lights

The two powerful SITE LIGHTS have been upgraded and now provide as much as 40,000 lumen and 80,000 lumen respectively, which is up to 33% more light compared to the previous models.

Featuring extremely bright illumination, BLUETOOTH light control and a sturdy design, SITE LIGHT is the new king of floodlights with a wide appeal. The two SITE LIGHTS are not only designed for the building site, but they can also be used in other work environments where extremely powerful illumination of a large area is needed, such as in warehouses and production facilities.

They are completely dust and waterproof (IP65) and tolerate all kinds of weather conditions from -25° to +40°C. Featuring high-quality components and active cooling, they have a long lifetime and keep a high-performance level throughout the day.