Complete upgraded LINE LIGHT series

With significantly improved light output, ultra slim design and high durability, the LINE LIGHT series is a unique and strong lighting concept for the workshop, automotive lifts, and the industry in general.
Complete upgraded LINE LIGHT series

Taking advantage of the newest LED technology, we have improved the light output across the entire LINE LIGHT series, making them more powerful than ever!

With the ultra-slim and “unbreakable” design, the LINE LIGHTS are extremely sturdy and made for rough use. For automotive lifts and pits, LINE LIGHT 4 provides you with bright illumination of the entire undercarriage. LINE LIGHT 6 is designed for universal application on lifts for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

LIGHT 2-POST is a universal all-in-one solution which fits all 2 post lifts and mobile column lifts regardless of type. The lighting unit can be positioned everywhere underneath the car with magnets and can be moved under the car to the actual repair work, and is always available at hand and ready to use when needed.

In addition, we offer flexible LINE LIGHT lighting units which can either be used alone or connected in a string to fit all kinds of application enabling you to design your own lighting solution. Due to the sturdy design, the LINE LIGHTS can also be used for the work bench, in the work van, in production areas and in the industry in general.

The LINE LIGHTS are designed, developed, and made in Denmark – assuring you high quality inside out.