Item no. 06.5100
MAGNEFIX PUP polyurethane jaws with grooves

MAGNEFIX PUP Polyurethane jaws with grooves. For clamping of round-shaped parts with very delicate details.

The jaws are manufactured from the special flexible polyurethane material which has a shore hardness of A82. Polyurethane is known for its unique abilities to ”bite onto” the work piece without damaging or scratching it. 

At the same time, polyurethane is so flexible, that it returns to its original shape after deformation. 

Available MAGNEFIX PUP sizes:

  • 100 mm (item no. 06.5100 - weight 201 g)
  • 125 mm (item no. 06.5125 - weight 256 g)
  • 140 mm (item no. 06.5140 - weight 286 g)
  • 150 mm (item no. 06.5150 - weight 306 g)

SCANGRIP has made protection jaws for vices for more than 50 years and is the world’s biggest manufacturer in this special niche with a complete range of products for all kinds of clamping tasks and all possible vice sizes.

  • Length 100 mm
  • Net weight 201 g