Our lights are build to last. So is our warranty! Register SCANGRIP lighting product today and get your 3-year warranty

You want more out of everything. Which is what SCANGRIP delivers. And now thanks to our cutting-edge technology and innovation, SCANGRIP brings you our first ever 3-year warranty. We are effectively extending the manufacturer's warranty period to a full 36 months. Why? Because we stand by our products.

How to register
Use the form to register your new SCANGRIP light.* We'll email you a receipt including a warranty certificate entitling you to the 3-year extended warranty.

Registration terms

  • SCANGRIP lights must be registered within 4 weeks of purchase. 
  • Proof of purchase and printed warranty certificate will be required for any guarantee claims.
  • 3 year warranty is not applicable for built-in batteries and our LITE work light range
  • 3 year warranty is not applicable for SCANGRIP CAS battery packs 
  • 3 year warranty is not applicable to damages caused by use of product with other than original SCANGRIP spare parts, misuse, abuse, accidents or other external causes.   

* You can only register 1 product at a time.

The product model name and item no. is printed on your light (i.e. NOVA 4K / 03.5440). Enter the first digits in the item number and choose from the options proposed in the drop-down list. If your product isn't listed, and you think it is still covered by our extended warranty, please contact SCANGRIP at claims@scangrip.com stating the product model name and item number.

Get product warranty coverage, qualify for promotions and special offers, get easy access to product support and receive promotional communications about SCANGRIP products, services and events.