Item no. 10.0055
Hydraulic coil spring compressor workstation 2.500 kg

CANVIK TITAN 2 is a newly-developed and ultra-powerful stationary coil spring compressor workstation and the only TÜV approved station on the market. 

CANVIK TITAN 2 can achieve no less than 2.5 tons compressive force using electro-hydraulic technology. The advantage of this is that compression is carried out in a uniform, precise and powerful manner following the same principle as a log splitter.

The technology has been thoroughly tested, is widely used and ensures hassle-free operation. As the name also suggests, CANVIK TITAN 2 is particularly robust and almost indestructible.

Shock absorber changes can be carried out in less than two minutes using CANVIK TITAN 2, which optimises workshop speed and ensures vastly improved efficiency. The compression itself is lightning fast and only takes 23 seconds.

In addition to this, CANVIK TITAN can be used with almost all springs (ø80–200 mm), and a wide range of specialist jaws can be purchased to deal with special springs. 

Where other machines normally only manage a distance of 35 cm, CANVIK TITAN has a compression distance of 45.5 cm and can therefore also manage long springs.

Maximal safety

Replacing shock absorbers is a dangerous and risky task which requires safe equipment to avoid work accidents. CANVIK TITAN 2 provides maximal safety during operation due to its compact and solid safety cage with built-in safety mechanism, preventing springs from escaping the machine and causing accidents. The safety cage must be closed to activate compression. The jaws can be adjusted to the correct position around the spring coils while the cage is open, ensuring both functionality and user-friendliness during day-to-day operation. CANVIK TITAN 2 is operated using a foot pedal, therefore ensuring hands-free operation. 

TÜV Approved Certificate for TITAN 2    
Ready for seasonal work

Even though CANVIK TITAN 2 weighs over 100 kg, it is mobile and quick and easy to move around the workshop. It is fitted with transport wheels and a tow hitch, making it possible to move it around like a sack truck. When the shock absorber replacement season is over, it is useful to be able to put the machine aside, just as it is useful to be able to move it around the workshop to where it is needed.

The jaw support is height-adjustable and designed with storage space for tools, accessories and spare parts. 

  • Maximum load 2500 kg
  • Spring capacity ø80–200 mm
  • Minimum distance between jaws 65 mm
  • Maximum distance between jaws 455 mm
  • Dimensions 1630x794x670mm
  • Net weight 102 kg
  • Operating voltage 230V AC
  • Frequency 50–60 Hz
  • Power consumption 1 KW
  • Content in the box:
    CANVIK TITAN 2, 2 pcs multipurpose jaws ø80-200 mm, manual

    Cardboard box:
    LWH: 53 x 56 x 134 cm 
    Gross weight: 103 kg 

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