SITE LIGHT work lights offer extremely powerful illumination and can be used for any work situation that require super bright light. Read how our customers are using SITE LIGHT and what they love about it.


Customer story: "The best light I have ever had"

Super bright illumination was key when a German building company was doing restoration work in an underground car park – a place that is always dark. For years, they had been using a lot of small lights with cables to illuminate their work site. But each time they had finished a project, they would spend unnecessary amount of time moving all the work lights and cables to the next location. Now, they only use the SITE LIGHT work light, and they have never seen so much light in a compact design before.

BLUETOOTH light control for increased flexibility
SITE LIGHT provides up to incredible 80,000 lumen, which makes it the most powerful floodlight on the market. It is also designed with a wide 120° beam angle, ensuring super bright illumination of a large work area, which means the workers can see the whole surface of the wall and ceiling by only using one work light. Another advantage of the SITE LIGHT is the built-in BLUETOOTH light control, enabling the workers to turn on/off and adjust the work light remotely through their phone.

Completely dust and waterproof
Re-grouting the ceilings, walls and floors raises a lot of dust, but as SITE LIGHT is completely dust and waterproof (IP65), it tolerates all kinds of weather conditions and demanding working environments.

Customer story 1

Customer story 1

Customer story: High ceilings – high power lights

A German interior demolition company in Chemnitz did a renovation project inside an old train station in the center of the city by using the powerful SITE LIGHT work light. Buildings with high ceilings require super bright illumination, which was one of the reasons why the company were looking for a work light that could reach high areas. For other projects, they have been using a lot of different lights, but they were never completely satisfied.

Competitive prices
When searching for a new work light, one of the main priorities for the building company was the price. Compared to other solutions, SITE LIGHT offers extremely powerful illumination for a very attractive price and the work light is compact and handy. Weighing less than 7 kg, SITE LIGHT is convenient to carry from job to job. It is designed with a built-in handle for easy carrying and mounting on tripods and masts.

Extremely powerful illumination of large areas
For the renovation project at the old train station, they used the SITE LIGHT work light mounted on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD 4,5m. The 120° beam angle ensures super bright illumination of the entire ceiling. Moreover, when SITE LIGHT is mounted on a high tripod, the built-in BLUETOOTH light control makes it easy to turn on/off the work light or adjust the light output. This feature also reduces the power consumption on an everyday basis as they only use the amount of light necessary to do the job.

Customer story 2

Customer story 2

Floodlight for illuminating large areas

SITE LIGHT is the ultimate floodlight for all types of work situations that require powerful illumination:

  • Construction site
  • Underground car park
  • Public works
  • Road work
  • Rescue service
  • Roofing
  • Rafters work

... and much more!