LINE LIGHT - the unique lighting concept

LINE LIGHT is a flexible lighting solution for universal application designed for use anywhere where strong, efficient and concentrated light in a specific working area is needed.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

// “Unbreakable” - extremely sturdy and shockproof

// Waterproof to resist wet and dirty workshop environment

// Low voltage 24V DC

// Made in Denmark

Bright illumination exactly where you need it
By means of a built-in prism, LINE LIGHT concentrates the light in a 75° beam angle providing an extremely bright and powerful illumination of the specific working area. Blinding during work is avoided, and the lamp itself can be turned to provide the optimum lighting angle.

Innovative LED technology
The LINE LIGHT series is based on the newest state-of-the-art LED technology. LINE LIGHT provides almost double illumination compared to the traditional 36W fluorescent tubes which are commonly used within the industry. The quality of the light is extremely powerful, like daylight which is optimum for precise recognition of colours, shades and other product details. The uniform, flicker free illumination without strobe effects also minimizes the risk of accidents.

Extreme durability
LINE LIGHT is constructed by a closed ”unbreakable” extruded acrylic profile which makes it extremely sturdy and shockproof to endure even strong strokes, shocks and vibrations from industrial machinery. LINE LIGHT endures the rough, wet and dirty conditions of the professional working environment within the industry and is resistant to both oil and chemicals. The IP67 classification means that it is resistant to both dust and water. LINE LIGHT is completely maintenance free.

Reduced power consumption
Compared to traditional fluorescent tube lighting LINE LIGHT only consumes half the amount of electricity which presents serious cost savings on electricity.

With the new dimmer function it is possible to adjust the light intensity stepless from 1-100% to meet individual working conditions. LINE LIGHT 2-POST and LINE LIGHT 4 is delivered incl. dimmer, and can also be bought separately and retrofitted on all existing LINE LIGHT installations.