To obtain maximum safety and avoid accidents when using CANVIK coil spring compressors, it is very important to use the right size jaws which fits the spring to be handled.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

// High quality and improved safety

// Endure extremely high loads

// Fast and easy-to-use

// Cost-effective solution

Maximum safety
CANVIK coil spring compressors are used by hundreds of thousands for decades and known through-out the world as high quality, specialized tools designed with the focus on safety and userfriendliness. But to obtain maximum safety and avoid accidents, selecting the right size jaws which fits the spring to be handled is very important.

The jaws are easily changed, secured with strong bolts, and equipped with a lip locking the spring during compression to improve safety. The surface of the jaws is powder coated or with polyurethane supports in order to protect the springs. The high-tech protective insert improves safety considerably by forming itself around and gripping the spring firmly to prevent it from slipping from the jaw. In addition, the insert protects the spring from scratches hence corrosion.

Special coil springs require special jaws
For special requirements we offer a wide range of additional jaws. See our updated application car list and the jaw that fits with each model.