Upgraded tripod for increased stability

The improved SCANGRIP TRIPOD is indispensable for stationary positioning of the work light for illumination in a specific working area.
Upgraded tripod for increased stability

With significant upgrades and new innovative products added to the product line, SCANGRIP offers the strongest and most powerful floodlight solutions on the market designed for any need.

Floodlights are often used for stationary work. We have improved and upgraded our SCANGRIP TRIPOD with anchor points that provide an opportunity for extra stability if the tripod is exposed to strong wind or standing on an uneven surface. The stable construction of the SCANGRIP TRIPOD makes it safe even when fully extended.

The SCANGRIP TRIPOD is extendable from only 1.35 m up to 3 m, which gives you complete flexibility to position the light in the requested height. When mounted on the tripod the light can be tilted to provide the optimum beam angle.