New high-performance construction site lights

We are proud to introduce the new, powerful SITE LIGHT work lights that are made in Denmark and provide extremely high light output at a very attractive price.
New high-performance construction site lights

Based on the newest state-of-the-art LED technology, the SITE LIGHTs provide an extremely high light output and a wide 120° beam angle, ensuring super bright illumination of a large work area.

Featuring BLUETOOTH light control, the SITE LIGHTs can be operated remotely through your mobile device. The light control app enables you to turn on/off the work lights and adjust the light output depending on the task in question. This feature reduces the power consumption on an everyday basis as you only use the amount of light necessary to do the job.

The SITE LIGHTs are built for the construction site, as they are completely dust and waterproof (IP65) and tolerate all kinds of weather conditions from -25° to +40°C. Featuring high-quality components and active cooling, the work lights have a long lifetime and keep a high performance level throughout the day.