Extremely powerful and flexible SITE LIGHTS

Featuring the newest state-of-the-art LED technology and BLUETOOTH light control, the powerful SITE LIGHTS ensure extremely bright illumination and outstanding flexibility on the construction site.
Extremely powerful and flexible SITE LIGHTS

By taking advantage of the newest and most advanced LED technology, the new range of construction site lights provide extremely powerful illumination. The SITE LIGHTS are very compact and lightweight and feature built-in dimmer function and BLUETOOTH light control making it easy to ensure the right amount of lighting at the construction site.

The SITE LIGHTS are made in Denmark and available in two variants providing 40000 lumen and 80000 lumen. They have a wide 120° beam angle, providing super bright illumination of a large work area. The built-in BLUETOOTH light control makes it incredibly easy to turn the lights on/off and adjust the light output through a mobile device. When the work lights are mounted on high masts, this feature reduces the power consumption on an everyday basis as you only use the amount of light necessary to do the job.

Featuring high-quality component and the state-of-the-art technology solution active cooling, the SITE LIGHT construction site lights have a long lifetime and high performance all day long.

A complete lighting concept
As accessory, we offer a convenient TRANSPORT CASE that enables you to safely transport your work light to the building site. It is also very suitable for rental companies, as the products can easily stand on a shelf until they are being rented out.

For stationary positioning of the SITE LIGHTS at the building site, we have developed the new SCANGRIP TRIPOD 4.5m that can reach a height of 4.5 meters. Featuring a durable design, anchor points and air cushioned safety system, the tripod is extremely sturdy and safe to use.