New CANVIK PLUS with added safety
News – Coil Spring Compressors – 16-01-2017

New CANVIK PLUS with added safety

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to supply you with our new, improved CANVIK PLUS coil spring compressor with increased safety. Prospectively, orders for CANVIK PLUS (11.0001) will be confirmed by the new CANVIK PLUS (11.0005)

New, improved jaws
The new CANVIK PLUS will come with 2 sets of jaws both with hard-wearing polyurethane insert.

The high-tech protective insert improves safety considerably by forming itself around and gripping the spring firmly to prevent it from slipping from the jaw. In addition, the insert protects the spring from scratches hence corrosion.

New safety wire
As an extra safety device, CANVIK PLUS is supplied with a new safety wire. To ensure maximum safety the heavy-duty steel wire can be locked around the spring during compression to prevent the risk of injury, if – accidentally - the spring slips out of the jaw.

TÜV Approved Safety Factor 4
Apart from a couple of technical improvements, the new CANVIK PLUS is basically the same product as the previous model. Due to new, much more specific TÜV testing requirements (PA 80-10.1.3.), the maximum load of CANVIK PLUS has been reduced to 1800 kg, yet still with a 4 times safety factor and thus the capability of enduring EXTREMELY high loads.

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