Providing business opportunities

// SCANGRIP is dedicated to serving it's customers

SCANGRIP’s success is indisputably connected to our distributors’ ability to incorporate the continual flow of new products into their market. This is possible because of their market approach and business know-how.

It is a priority of ours to nurture and enhance the relationship with our customers and to provide effective and skilled support. We pride ourselves in building and maintaining the trust that our clients have in us. 

A large part of our work lights are supplied as OEM products to market-leading companies including some of the world’s leading brands.

// SCANGRIP is business

We want to be an invaluable partner in our customers’ success: with the best lighting range available on the market, our customers are able to generate an attractive profit. Our customers can market themselves as total suppliers with a complete product range, attain a larger market share, achieve a stronger market position and improve visibility in the market.

We focus on providing effective marketing support for our customers. We offer individually tailored marketing materials, such as targeted brochures and flyers to ensure immediate market penetration.

We also provide pre-designed sales campaigns and various ready-to-go marketing concepts. Comprehensive sales and marketing templates are available for download for our customers from our online marketing platform, the SCANGRIP PARTNER SITE.

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