Innovation from Denmark

// SCANGRIP is Danish innovation at its best

SCANGRIP’s success is the ability to innovate. We possess the drive to try new and think new. What makes us unique is our capability of embracing all steps from idea-to-market at tremendous speed.

All products are designed and developed by us in Denmark. The majority of the products are protected by EU design patents. 

// SCANGRIP is known for design and high quality

SCANGRIP receives strong recognition in the marketplace for its product design. We are inspired by the concept of Danish design and gather ideas from other industries to create new products that have not been seen before. We also focus on designing attractive, colour-printed packaging and sales displays. 

SCANGRIP products are known for their high quality, and our price-to-quality ratio is considered the best on the market. We have comprehensive quality check procedures, and we are ISO 9001 certified.  

// SCANGRIP is a lighting specialist

We aspire to be number one in all that we do. We aim at offering the best and coolest work lights on the market. As lighting specialists we are always committed to doing things better.

We strive for perfection, and we are continuously optimizing and improving light output, battery capacity, design and ergonomics, durability, user-friendliness and functionality. We aim to set new standards for professional work lights. 

// SCANGRIP is value for the end-user

It is important for us to develop products of high value for the end-user. An elevated degree of functionality is always incorporated into our lighting solutions. In addition, we strive to make products with a close correlation between price and quality.

Throughout the development process we are in close dialogue with both specialists in the market and with professional consumers to make sure that we fulfill their specific needs and requirements.

We also have close cooperation with our permanent panel of test pilots who carefully test and evaluate all new work lights in the rough and demanding environment of a workshop.

// Founded on the tradition of good craftsmanship

// Invaluable partner