4 more cars repaired per day – this is how effective auto body and paint shops can become with SCANGRIP’s new LED solutions for UV curing. The LED solutions for UV curing are applicable for curing of UV cured primers and UV cured body fillers and designed to handle any small or large sized paint repair work.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

//  Faster curing, only 1 minute through high performance

// Long lifetime > 30.000 hours low energy consumption

// No heat generation

// Rechargeable products with long operation time

Approved by BASF
SCANGRIP’s LED solutions for UV curing have been developed in close collaboration with BASF Coatings, and combine the latest UV LED technology with an elegant and functional design.

Johnny Petersen, who is National Head Trainer at BASF Coatings, has contributed with his specialized knowledge in the development work. From a technical point of view, he sees the new UV lamps as ground-breaking solutions that will change the entire working procedure at auto body and paint shops, and says:

The new UV lamps can lead to a big cultural change. For many years, it has been a procedure to apply fillers before leaving the workshop in the afternoon, and then continue working the next day. With SCANGRIP’s UV lamps, the car painter can finish the job the same day in one working process.

Depending on the job at hand, each operation can take up to 15 minutes when using conventional two-component products. With a UV primer cured with SCANGRIP’s UV light, the car painter can complete the same process in only 3-5 minutes. For an auto body and paint shop with 5-6 employees and 50-60 weekly cars to repair, the efficiency improvement makes it possible to repair 4-5 more cars per day.