SCANGRIP is constantly pushing back the boundaries of LED lighting and battery technology, creating new features for improved performance.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

//  For everybody inspecting painted surfaces

// For all kinds of car, truck and bus workshops

// For car and industrial painters

// For prep-zone operations and detailing centers

Bright illumination exactly where you need it

The new, 4th generation of SCANGRIP lights for the painting and detailing industry provides the most sophisticated tools of their kind in the world. Constantly, we are refining the LED lighting technology creating new and improved specialized work light solutions. The new product range has embedded all possible needs for effective and specially designed work lights including suspension and stand solutions for both stationary and flexible positioning of the lights to match the specific work task.

Benefit from the entire colour temperature spectrum

Finding the accurate colour match without the right light is one of the challenges that a car painter is facing on a daily basis. Even though two colours appear to match under one lighting condition, they can look different when the light changes. The phenomenon is called metamerism and can also be described as a colour difference that only appears under varying light.

The new invented CCT SCAN functionality offers the option to scan the surface of an object with the various colour temperatures available in the interval from 2500K to 6500K. As the CCT SCAN function is representing the entire colour temperature spectrum in one easy step, it makes it faster and more convenient to match the colour of the car.

When it comes to detailing and car care, the detailer can inspect the surface of the car using all the colour temperatures available, and in this way, detect any scratches or imperfections.

Overall, the CCT SCAN functionality provides optimum conditions for the most accurate colour match and highlighting and discovering paint defects.