The CANVIK range gives you the most user-friendly, high-quality and functional coil spring compressors on the market. Used by thousands of professionals for decades.

BILLEDE #1 desktop
BILLEDE #2 desktop

// High quality and improved safety

// Endure extremely high loads

// Fast and easy-to-use

// Cost-effective solution

Your guarantee for quality and safety
Dismantling of McPherson struts can be a dangerous operation. It involves extreme forces disengaging the spring and very serious accidents might occur if the right tool is not used with all recommended precautions.

During development and production of the CANVIK coil spring compressors safety is our highest priority and all products are designed to endure extremely high loads. CANVIK coil spring compressors are carefully tested and manufactured under very strict quality control. Only the very best materials are used to ensure a robust, strong and efficient construction of the tool.

Risky operation - Maximum safety
In order to ensure maximum safety, the CANVIK coil spring compressors are equipped with a safety pin to prevent overload.

The load capacity of the CANVIK coil spring compressors exceeds by far the typical requirements of any workshop. A CANVIK coil spring compressor will manage all tasks, ranging from SMART to BMW X5 – and more.

An economical solution – even in the long-term
With the CANVIK coil spring compressors dismantling of springs and struts is both easier and faster and compared to using a traditional tool, they make the operation much faster giving a considerable saving in working hours.