WORLD NEWS: One lighting solution for all battery packs

SCANGRIP launches world’s first series of work lights with full compatibility across all power tool brands!
WORLD NEWS: One lighting solution for all battery packs

Again, SCANGRIP manifests its position as first-mover pushing the boundaries of LED work lights and battery technology. The new SCANGRIP CONNECT work light series is compatible across all leading power tool brands, that is BERNER, BOSCH, BOSCH GREEN, DEWALT, EINHELL, FEIN, FESTOOL, FLEX, HAZET, HIKOKI, INGERSOLL, MAKITA, METABO, MILWAUKEE, RIDGID, SNAP-ON, and WÜRTH - and more to come!

Today, every power tool brand offers its own individual battery system compatible across different tools but within the same brand. With the new CONNECT work lights, SCANGRIP is rethinking the entire battery pack concept providing complete freedom to use any battery pack regardless of brand preference. 

Download SCANGRIP CONNECT brochure here .

“The SCANGRIP CONNECT series will revolutionize the way we view battery solutions today and we have already received great feedback from the market”, says Anders Borring, CEO of SCANGRIP A/S. “By connecting the world of power tool brands and our innovative work lights, we provide total freedom for the end-user to choose any battery he prefers. In this way, we are creating a much more convenient, flexible, and efficient working life for the professional user,” Anders Borring further explains.

“As Europe’s leading work light specialist, SCANGRIP offers the best and most powerful and durable LED lighting solutions in the market”, Anders Borring claims. “By the new CONNECT work lights we provide access for all professional users to benefit from SCANGRIP’s superior work lights no matter what batteries and power tool brand the user normally prefers.”