Upgraded ZONE 2 headlamp

SCANGRIP is proud to announce the launch of its latest headlamp for professionals, the ZONE 2. The new rechargeable ZONE 2 headlamp replaces the previous model with 33 % increased lumen output.
Upgraded ZONE 2 headlamp

The new cutting-edge ZONE 2 headlamp provides 200 lumen of powerful and efficient light, illuminating the entire field of view and providing optimum light for professionals. With a maximum operating time of 22 hours, the ZONE 2 is perfect for any job, big or small.

The new ZONE 2 features improved battery technology and three light settings, including a new "reading mode" that provides just enough light to read a manual or other small print. The 3-step function makes the headlamp even more versatile allowing users to switch between three different brightness levels and modes, making it perfect for any situation.

The ZONE 2 is an upgrade from the previous ZONE model, which was already a hit among professional users. With its 33 % increased light output, improved battery technology and three light settings, the new ZONE 2 is sure to be even more popular among professionals.

The design of ZONE 2 is more compact, modern, and user-friendly than ever before. It also features a battery indicator and upgraded IP rating to IP54, making it more durable and resistant to dust and water.