Upgraded NOVA floodlights

By taking advantage of the latest LED technology, both the cabled and C+R rechargeable NOVAs are now available in new upgraded versions.
Upgraded NOVA floodlights

The iconic NOVA floodlights are known for their extreme sturdiness and powerful light output and are very popular in the market.

Compared to the previous models, NOVA 4K, NOVA 6K, NOVA 12K, NOVA 4K C+R and NOVA 6K C+R now provide up to +30% more light, making them even more competitive – for the same price! The design has also been streamlined to match the rest of the NOVA range.

We always reach for that extra brightness, that extra operation time, those little touches that make a real difference when you need the best work light you can get.

Please note: The upgraded NOVA floodlights only apply to EU-versions