Three multifunctional CONNECT work lights

SCANGRIP is proud to announce the launch of three new universal products within the CONNECT range, which are the ultimate work lights for all needs.
Three multifunctional CONNECT work lights

Introducing our latest addition to the CONNECT family: The BASIC CONNECT, DUO CONNECT, and TOWER COMPACT CONNECT work lights. These new work lights are designed to provide powerful and efficient illumination for all kind of jobs, making them perfect for use at construction sites, for maintenance, plumbing etc.

BASIC CONNECT is a compact and lightweighted work light that provides a powerful 1000 lumen output. It features a flexible lamp head that can be positioned to illuminate exactly where you need it to, making it perfect for small to medium-sized jobs.

The DUO CONNECT is a step up from the BASIC CONNECT, providing a powerful 2500 lumen output with 2 lamp heads with dual axis rotation, which means that the lamp heads can be rotated in all directions independent of each other providing complete flexibility.

The TOWER COMPACT CONNECT work light features a compact and slim design for easy portability. TOWER COMPACT CONNECT can be adjusted from 0.9 m to 2 m and features QUICK RELEASE function that makes it fast to set up in only a few seconds and fold again when the job is done.

These three new work lights are the perfect tools for professionals with different jobs to be carried out and features that fulfills different needs.