Powerful bonnet light providing maximum flexibility

The NOVA BONNET light provides you with increased flexibility and bright illumination of the engine bay.
Powerful bonnet light providing maximum flexibility

With the NOVA BONNET, you will have a bonnet light and a flexible NOVA R hand lamp in one single solution.

NOVA BONNET is supplied with an adjustable telescopic holder (1.2-1.7m) with soft-padded hook ends providing a firm and scratch-free grip on the vehicle. The holder is compact and equipped with a metal bracket, which can slide from side to side depending on where you need the light. NOVA R is easily mounted on the bracket by the built-in magnets.

Featuring the latest COB LED technology and upgraded battery capacity, the NOVA R hand lamp provides up to 2000 lumen with a uniform and even illumination. Supplied with a light dimmer function, you can adjust the light into five different levels and use the lamp for up to 20 hours depending on the light output.

You can easily dismount the NOVA R lamp from the bracket and use it as a hand lamp if you need to illuminate a specific area of ​​the engine compartment or need to do inspection work inside the cabin. This flexible lighting system makes it easy to switch between the different work tasks and you avoid unnecessary downtime.