Flexible hand-held work lights

We are excited to introduce the new hand-held work lights within the CONNECT product range that is designed with exchangeable light heads for different work situations.
Flexible hand-held work lights

MULTILIGHT CONNECT is a hand-held work light concept that offers a flexible solution for all of your lighting needs. With multiple, exchangeable light heads, the MULTILIGHT CONNECT allows you to tailor the perfect work light solution to suit your specific needs.

The concept behind MULTILIGHT CONNECT is to combine a basic handle, similar to those found on power tools, with a range of different light heads that can be easily exchanged to meet the demands of different applications.

We offer three different light heads – that is SEARCH HEAD, FLEX HEAD, and FLOOD HEAD to combine with a MULTILIGHT BODY CONNECT, each designed for specific work purposes. 

The combined MULTILIGHT SEARCH CONNECT provides 600 lumen, the MULTILIGHT FLEX CONNECT provides 750 lumen and the MULTILIGHT FLOOD CONNECT provides up to 1500 lumen. The body of the MULTILIGHT CONNECT is adjustable in an angle of 120°, giving you complete control over your lighting. Additionally, the body is equipped with a new, flexible mounting system that offers a combination of a bracket, a hook, and a magnet in one unit to ensure maximum functionality.