Compact and powerful. Exactly what you need

We are proud to launch NOVA MINI - a new hand-held floodlight that is a true must-have for professionals that want the brightest and most adaptable handlamp on the market.
Compact and powerful. Exactly what you need

NOVA MINI is extremely compact yet incredibly powerful as it provides up to 1000 lumen which is absolutely unique for such a small lamp. It is supplied with a stepless dimmer function in the range of 10% to 100% to adjust the light output for the specific task and a charge indicator on the side of the lamp that keeps you informed about the battery level.

SMART GRIP 4-in-1 system for increased functionality
NOVA MINI is designed with a special, patented SMART GRIP 4-in-1 system that that integrates several multi-functions in the same unit.

The ring concept makes it easier and more convenient to keep the lamp in your hand for a long time and provides a secure grip, so you do not risk dropping the lamp during inspections. You can use the strong built-in magnet and flexible stand to position the lamp exactly where you need it and carry it around in the work belt throughout the working day by the built-in clip.

The lamp is very durable as it is complete waterproof (IP65) and can be used for outdoor use as well.

With NOVA MINI added to the family, SCANGRIP’s range of NOVA floodlights are the best, most powerful and sturdy COB LED work lights on the market providing from 1000 to 10.000 lumen.