360° area work light with exchangeable battery

We are extending our range of work lights with exchangeable batteries with the new highly efficient AREA 10 SPS area work light, providing high flexibility and unlimited availability to light during the workday.
360° area work light with exchangeable battery

AREA 10 SPS provides a diffused and uniform light up to 10,000 lumen and is ideal for the professional user who requires powerful and efficient illumination of the entire work area carrying out any kind of repair, paint or construction work.

The compact design with a carrying handle makes it extremely handy and easy to move around. Change between 360° and 180° illumination and use the built-in dimmer function to adjust the light output into five different levels according to the work task.

High flexibility and long operating time
AREA 10 SPS is supplied with the innovative and flexible SCANGRIP POWER SOLUTION system. Exchange the battery or simply add the charger directly to the lamp to get power supply. Even without battery and power connection, the integrated battery backup function prevents the user from being without light at any time.

New advantages with APP functionalities
The integrated BLUETOOTH light control enables the user to easily turn on/off the work light and adjust the light output through a mobile device. Upgraded with a group function, it is also now possible to control multiple groups of up to four lamps. These features save time for manual operation and increases work efficiency on a daily basis.