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Extremely durable work lights with powerful light output and high IP

Extensive line of professional and portable hand lamps for universal application. Ideal for all demanding work operations.


  • MAG 03.5400

    Next generation rechargeable LED inspection work light

  • MAG 3 03.5401

    Multipurpose and rechargeable COB LED work light

  • MINI MAG 03.5403

    Pocketsized and rechargeable COB LED light

  • Next Generation MAG PEN 3 MAG PEN 3 03.5116

    Rechargeable LED pencil worklight with 80 lumen

  • 03.5900 SOUND LED S SOUND LED S 03.5900

    600 lumen rechargeable audio LED work light

  • STAR 03.5620

    Rechargeable work light and floodlight in one

  • MINI SLIM Inspection light MINI SLIM 03.5610

    Ultra-slim 3-in-1 inspection lamp with up to 200 lumen

  • SLIM Inspection light SLIM 03.5612

    Ultra-thin 3-in-1 inspection light with up to 500 lumen

  • LINE LIGHT C+R 03.5243

    Powerful LED inspection hand lamp with DUAL SYSTEM

  • LINE LIGHT R 03.5244

    Rechargeable inspection hand lamp with top spot light

  • MINIFORM MINIFORM (New) 03.5404

    Rechargeable work light with top light (From summer 18)

  • UNIFORM 03.5407

    Multifunctional COB LED work light in base

  • SUPERFORM 03.5406

    Sturdy COB LED inspection work light with cable

  • NOVA-R from the side NOVA R 03.5439

    Dimmable, rechargeable COB LED work light

  • UNIPEN UNIPEN 03.5420

    Rechargeable COB LED pencil work light with spot light

  • UV-FORM 03.5408

    Rechargeable COB LED work light with UV-light on top