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Product Launch – LED Work Light – 27-02-2017

The new, unique STAR links work light and floodlight functionality into a single lamp


 As the latest addition to our wide range of work lights, the STAR bridges the gap between a traditional work light for inspection and a floodlight to illuminate larger working areas.

The STAR is ergonomically designed to be used as a hand-held work light, but by extending the position of the flexible handle, the lamp transforms itself to a searchlight.

Despite its small size, the STAR is also applicable to illumination of larger working areas thus functioning as a floodlight. To ease things up and get the full benefit of the floodlight capabilities, the STAR-handle is designed for direct mounting on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD.

With its flexible handle, the STAR can stand in different positions to obtain optimal illumination for the task at hand and as an added bonus, with the built-in power bank with USB outlet you can easily charge for instance mobile devices on the fly.

  • // Extremely powerful illumination, up to 1000 lumen
  • // Ergonomic design for a comfortable, firm grip
  • // Rechargeable with up to 5h operation time
  • // Waterproof IP65