Coil Spring Compressor accessories
News – Coil Spring Compressors – 07-06-2017

New CANVIK accessories

After extensive preparation and testing, we are ready to supply you with two new quality accessories for our CANVIK coil spring compressor range.

Special Jaw for BMW F-Models
Available for delivery now, our new Special Jaw for BMW F-Models (90.0075) is inserted on top of the strut and the standard jaw is inserted into the spring as far from the top of the strut as possible. In so doing, enough compression is achieved for the shock absorber to be released.

See list of BMW F- and MINI-Models the special jaw fits with.

Shock Absorber Strut Vice
Available for delivery medio July, our long-awaited Strut Vice (90.0110) is well-suited for use on the CANVIK TITAN, but can also be utilised with great advantage on CANVIK BASIC and CANVIK PLUS.

By tightening directly on the strut, while the standard jaw is inserted into the spring at the top of the strut, a significantly longer compression is achieved that loosens the shock absorber.

Curious to know more? Please contact Jens Møller Nielsen