You made it to the final step of the ladder. Place your promotion orders before July 1, 2019, kicking off the coming lighting season with a fantastic bargain.

Enter the number of NOVA work light promotions you want to order in each of the boxes below (Please note, min. 25 pcs, assorted)

MOQ 25 pcs

Brochure holder that is easily mounted on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD + 50 pre-designed promotion flyers (available in English and German). Choose your order quantity in the dropdown menus below.

If you want to have your company logo on the promotion flyer, you can download the InDesign file from the BUSINESS PARTNERSITE.

Flexible cardboard sales display - delivered as a knockdown in a plastic bag with a protective cardboard cover.

We have also prepared single flyers ready for download on our BUSINESS PARTNERSITE

* Please contact your SCANGRIP account manager for your prices on the NOVA promotions below.