Product not charging

The new I-VIEW headlamp (product number: 03.5626) is equipped with a temperature sensor that protects the battery from charging under conditions, which can be harmful to the battery (below 0 degree Celsius).

For the initial batch of item no. 03.5626, our quality control has identified that some products could have software issues with this protection circuit, preventing the product from charging in temperatures below 15 degree Celsius. The issue does not cause any safety risks and only affect products produced before November 2021.

In most situations the user will not experience any problems or inconvenience. If you are having trouble charging the product, this can be overcome by charging the product indoor in an ambient temperature above 15 degree celsius.

If preferred, products with the mentioned issue can also be replaced under warranty from where the product was purchased. 

We do not like when it happens, but no matter how careful you are, errors can happen when you have the ambition to develop the best work lights in the market. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause our customers and trust that our handling of the matter, will only demonstrate the complexity behind a professional work light and strengthen the trust in SCANGRIP. Our design ensures maximum performance with unique battery management - protecting the battery and ensuring long lifetime for the product.