Driven by lifeblood.

Anders Borring has been the owner and CEO of SCANGRIP since 1993. His innovative approach and passion for light in a flexible organisation of dedicated employees is the driving force behind the SCANGRIP success.

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When SCANGRIP turned on the light
It all began in 1906. A small-town blacksmith developed into a tool manufacturer achieving great success with the invention of the onehand operated locking pliers.

Anders Borring acquired the company in 1993. Over a period, he had been looking into the challenges that modern automotive workshops were facing. He noticed that mechanics were using traditional cabled fluorescent lamps. The technology was outdated, the solutions were fragile, and the mechanics were struggling to get the optimal work light.

“There is room for improvement”, Anders Borring thought.

Being fascinated by LED lighting and its possibilities, he saw a need for more flexible and user-friendly work light solutions. So, in 2008, SCANGRIP introduced its first LED work light for the professional market – a decision that led to a remarkable growth. 

Despite strong competition and increasing level of complexity, SCANGRIP has been capable of constantly pushing the boundaries of LED and battery technology. Today, SCANGRIP stands as Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality work lights designed and developed in Denmark.SCANGRIP holds a Triple-A Rating (AAA = zero credit risk)

The SCANGRIP way is business built on trust and responsibility. We value our long-term relations, and it is a priority of ours to provide business opportunities and effective support for our customers, so they can achieve a strong market position with the best lighting range on the market. 
- Anders Borring Owner and CEO, SCANGRIP